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Superunknown is quickly becoming the premier tribute band for the music of Chris Cornell. Started in 2018 as a solo act with vocalist/guitarist Jason Reed, Superunknown now consists of a full band also featuring Louis Graff (guitar), Pete Hefley (Guitar) Tom Laskas (bass) and Ron DiSilvestro (drums).


Superunknown covers all eras of Chris Cornell, playing the music of Soundgarden, Audioslave and Temple of the Dog. Reed in particular uncannily recreates the howling vocals Cornell became celebrated for in the Seattle grunge scene.


“I've always been a huge fan of the music of Chris Cornell. When I first heard Soundgarden in the early 90's I was blown away and I started learning their songs,” says Reed, who also performs and produces original music with his band, the Reed Brothers Band. “When I was a kid, I was drawn to singers like Robert Plant and Steven Tyler who could sing in a high register with power. With Soundgarden, Chris Cornell took that power to a whole new level. What stood out in Temple of the Dog was the writing; those songs are so heartfelt, with a universal message I think anyone can relate to, and I love the dynamic range of Audioslave.”


After Cornell’s death in 2017, Reed desired to perform a "one-off" solo acoustic show in tribute. After opening for some of the local Grunge-a-Palooza festivals with his solo acoustic set, he ended up performing all over the Northeast. Through Grunge-a-Palooza he met the guys in Foo Fighters tribute, White Limo who offered to back him up as a full band version of Superunknown.


Superunknown have already scored gigs playing the Gramercy Theatre in NYC, The Queen in Wilmington, and the World Café Live and Underground Arts venues in Philadelphia, where they connected with audiences desiring to hear the music of the late, great music legend. They have also
worked with Armed Forces Entertainment - Touring abroad, performing for members of the US military. Stay posted on the band’s future shows by visiting their Facebook page,

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